Delete bug, Watching bug (Plex)

Since the major 7.7 update, this issue of Deleting a file and it still showing is present.
Have to back out of the Library folder and go back in to have it refresh.
If you try to play the deleted file that still shows on the screen, it gives File not found error (as it should since it was deleted).

Also, sometimes, Watching on the Home screen of Infuse still shows a file, once it has been fully watched, with a full progress bar, even after file been deleted.

( I am combining these two bugs into the same thread since it happened at the same time in my recording of the issue)

This Favorite Library is for Plex, and is using Direct Mode.
I have tried deleting the Fav and re-adding it, re-installing the app, re-adding Plex share etc.

Video of issues:

Bump. Hope this gets fixed in next release. :melting_face:

Bump again.


This issue is still present in version 7.7.3

Please fix this annoying little bug…

It is for sure something with the Plex connection, as it does not do this when u delete a file when using the SMB connection type.

My use case:

I download/rip video files from YouTube or wherever on my PC, and put them in a single folder on my media server, so that i can watch them on my big tv. I watch the file, then delete it and watch the next one, delete it, etc. I do this daily.

It is annoying not to have Infuse refresh to show the file was deleted, and have to back out to the home screen of Infuse then back in, to get it to Refresh.

As a temporary workaround, i moved to using SMB instead of Plex connection, for that single directory i dump the media files to, however, this has its own drawbacks - Slower connection, bit more lagg seeking large 4K files mainly.

Still an issue in 7.7.4

Still an issue in 7.7.5.

Will look into this. Thanks.

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