Delete a folder in iOS files source

Hello, I tried to search on the forum but I didn’t find this specific case, so I open this thread.

I wonder how I can delete a folder added as a file source in the local device (iPhone). In this specific case, I added an external USB drive to iPhone 15 and then to Infuse as local folder; then I watched my video.

After that, as I removed the pen drive from the iPhone I would like to delete the folder associated to this pen drive (see screenshot).

I tried to swipe, to keep tapped the icon, but no option to delete appears. Now, I don’t know if it’s a lack, a bug or just a creature which is not available.
I just pinpoint the issue, so if you want, you can add such option.

Thanks for your nice work and Merry Christmas.

Currently, single folders linked through the Files app cannot be removed.

However, what you can do is delete the main ‘iPhone’ item listed in the ‘Saved Shares’ list and then re-add the folders you want to keep.

Thanks James for your reply.
Yes I will proceed by deleting the main iPhone folder.

Just, it’s a bit annoying as I may use different usb devices, especially now that iPhone 15 finally features a full working usb port. For now I behave as you suggest. Maybe you want to consider to put this feature in the features request / todo list.

Greetings and thanks.

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