Delayed Animation in tvOS 15.4

Hey James :wink:

About the „Lagging“ Problem since tvOS 15.4 Beta:
This now happens even worse during the scrolling through TV Episodes…
Now even the Text itself is lagging (see Video)…
Like I said in the other Thread, it maybe has to do with some TvOS Code Snippets which Apple has changed…

I see it’s definitely a Bug only in Infuse,
because if I swipe in the TvOS AppStore to the right and to the left, there is not a delayed Animation visible… Could you please fix it?

On the app store version of Infuse 7.3.6 I can see absolutely no delay or lag in the scrolling animation. I tried in all rows several times in both directions and no problem.

What you’re seeing may be unique to the beta version.

Do you use tvOS Beta 15.4, or the Release-Version tvOS 15.3?

Maybe Apple has changed some Code Snippets in the 15.4 Beta? And the App Developers have to adjust the Code to get it to run smoothly again.

Only the release versions of the OS. Have you tried the release version of Infuse?

Yes I have tried the Release Version of Infuse and the Beta, but on both the Lagging happens…

I am now almost sure that Apple has changed the Code Snippets. And that’s why you don’t see it with the 15.3 tvOS Release Version and I see it on tvOS 15.4 Beta.

Maybe James could test it with the tvOS 15.4 Beta, too :wink:

I’d guess that James would wait till the Apple OS beta is in RC (or even full release) before they even think of changing Infuse. We’ve all seen the differences in Apple OS betas vs the actual release when they take out all the development bloat for the actual public release.

Yes, but I think now this is the RC for tvOS 15.4

Today’s 7.3.8 update has a few improvements in this area.

There is also a system bug we’ve uncovered which can lead to some weirdness, and we’ll be keeping an eye on this.

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