Delay after skipping/scrubbing

Video stops for 1-3 seconds (depending on audio format and video resolution) after every skip or scrubbing before resuming.

These delays are only happening with Infuse. No other apps i’ve tested (including Plex, Emby, MrMc or Apples native video player) have that issue and are resuming instantly as it should be.

I’ve posted about this back in October '19 and provided some videos for comparison.

Infuse with delay:

Plex with no delay:

Info about my setup:

And the diagnostic codes i’ve proved back in March `20:

AAC 2.0 --> (almost) instant resume after skipping

DD 5.1 --> 1-2s delay when skipping

DD 5.1 + 4K --> up to 2-3s delay when skipping

So @james, what else can i do to finally get you guys looking into this?

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I know it’s more than unlikely to happen, but is there a chance to get an option to switch back to the native ATV player?

All my media is Apple compatible encoded - so that would at least for me solve ALL playback issues i have with Infuse’s player.

Please respond. Thanks.

Another comparison between Infuse’s player and Apple’s native player (Computer app via Home sharing) with HD and 4K content:

Apple native player

Infuse player

While Apple’s native player resumes instantly when skipping and fast forwarding, Infuse’s player can’t barley handle the 4K version.

Why is that?

Is really nobody else experiencing this?

I’d be thankful for ANY input here, please!

Hey :wink:
I think it depends on which Audio Type the file use…

Most of my Files has AAC 2.0 (Stereo), there is the skipping a little bit faster.
But with 5.1 Audio or even HD-Audio, the Skipping is really slow :pensive:

James, is there a possibility to make the Skipping with High Quality Audio faster (like the native tvOS player)? :wink::+1:

@james, clearly this has to be a bug with Infuse’s player. Please respond and help getting it fixed! Thanks.

We’ll take a look. Thanks.

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