Delay after skipping 10 seconds

I have noticed with the past couple of versions of Infuse (7.6.4 and 7.6.5) that when viewing a movie/show encoded with a soundtrack other than AAC2.0 or DD5.1 that there is a significant delay before the movie/show continues to play after using the skip backwards/forwards function.
(Watched a movie last night and skipped back 10 seconds only to be faced with a 5+ second delay to restart)
This is on an AppleTV (latest tvOS and latest AppleTV).
Streaming from a local Plex server via Infuse. The same happens when I try to stream from a local Jellyfin server via infuse.
This does not happen with the same movie/show when viewed from the Plex Client on the AppleTV.
I have tried changing the settings for cache to no avail.
Only discovered this whilst trying movies/shows with Atmos due to upgrade of TV and Sound System.

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Any solution? I have the same problem.

I am having the same issue. It seems to be getting progressively worse lately.

I just ripped Batman Begins (4k) and if I play it from the beginning, it is fine. But if I pause or skip forward/backward all I see are single frames. It never resumes playing. Movie plays fine using the Plex client.

Video was ripped using MakeMKV v1.17.5 to a folder, re-compressed with Handbrake v1.7.2 (2023122400), and copied to my Plex Server v1.32.8 (on QNAP NAS).

Latest Infuse on latest AppleTV 4k and tvOS.

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I had time to do some testing with this and it looks like (in my case, anyway) that 10bit encodes with the “h.265 videotoolbox” hardware encoder may be the culprit. I tried 8bit h.265 videotoolbox and it had a minor delay after a pause/skip, but it did resume playback. I also tried x.265 software encoder (10bit) and it seems to work fine as well.

I also tested macOS and it worked fine with the h.265 videotoolbox encoded file (lightning fast, even). My iPad Pro was the same as the Apple TV and was unable to resume playback.

The issue exists on both of my Apple TVs (both are 4K but different versions), so this is not just happening with the newer model.

I tried removing and re-installing Infuse but that had no effect.


I believe it is the same issue as the one I reported here

Thanks. It does seem to be the same issue.

I did get an initial response about this from support (request for speed test), but nothing specific yet. I will update if I get a helpful response.

I think I have stumbled onto a workaround that is easy enough. Hopefully, Firecore finds a real solution to the issue.

The workaround is running the file through MKVToolNix (GUI), with no changes or alterations, seems to fix the problem.

Can you try playing these files in the new 7.7.3 update?

This update includes a number of improvements in this area.

Yes. This solved the issue for me.


There is still a pause of a few seconds when I seek some movie with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

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