Deinterlacing options

I’ve been using Infuse to rip my blurays for the last year or two but I recently ran into an issue when I starting ripping my DVDs: Infuse 5 doesn’t have any deinterlacing options so I’m stuck with ugly video unless I account for the interlacing as I rip a disc.

Competing software like the VLC iPad app support deinterlacing. VLC in particular is able to fix the files that look terrible in Infuse.

I really love what you guys have done with Infuse 5 (bought the Pro version right away) but I’d really appreciate a deinterlacing option to go along with it.

Deinterlacing support has been added as part of the 5.1 release (although I have not tried it myself so have no idea how effective it is). With any luck 5.1 will be available this week if Apple OK it before the App Store freeze over the Christmas period.

You can get more information about new features for inFuse at