Deinterlacing: Off

When playing an interlaced video and the Deinterlacing option is set to Off, what is happening?

Does the AppleTV handle deinterlacing (outside of Infuse) or does the interlaced video get sent to the TV in its original format?

With deinterlacing off you will likely see artifacts due to the interlaced nature of the video. Infuse will play them as-is without any special handling.

The Apple TV doesn’t support any kind of interlaced output, so actual video output is always going to be 720p, 1080p, 4K(p), etc…

Oh, weird. I see artefacts (glitching/blockiness) with all of the options except deinterlacing off. I remember you saying before that ATV4 can struggle to handle deinterlacing HD streams, because it’s just not powerful enough.

But with deinterlacing off I get a crisp, clear picture. None of that blockiness I see otherwise. I had wondered whether my TV was handling the deinterlacing (since it has to do that when I’m watching most over-the-air broadcasts anyway), and that was why things were working smoothly now.

Quite happy to be able play these large 1080i ts files with deinterlacing off, but wondered what was happening in the background :slight_smile:

Correct, the Apple TV HD (ATV4) may not be powerful enough to handle some heavier interlaced videos, so in this case you may have a better result with deinterlacing off.

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