Deinterlacing in 4.3 ?

Are you fine folks going to add a deinterlacing feature to the next update?

We’re hoping to have something like this available in a future update, but unfortunately it will not be part of 4.3.

Sorry. :frowning:

Is there any way we can get this to be a priority? Interlaced material is unwatchable on Infuse without it being deinterlaced. A lot of people have requested it for a while now and competing apps offer it. I’m starting to regret having purchased the app now that I’m seeing issues like this which I assumed would be fixed are not being fixed and are just being ignored. Deinterlacing is an essential and necessary feature for any video playing app.

I agree, i don’t see how this isn’t a priority to get implamented. Deinterlacing is such a huge important feature that every other app/video player has. This really needs to happen soon.

I’d love even a really basic version of deinterlacing (blending fields together, or “bobbing” each field to effectively double the FPS).