Deinterlacing feature

How do you turn on the deinteracing option in v1.6.

This option will appear in the Playback Menu (hold center button while a video is playing).

Note: This option will only appear if the video being played is an interlaced video.

I think the apple tv 2 is lacking in processing capability, because when I turn it on, the video becomes jerky. This is when playing DVD based content.

I have the same strying to play 1080i m2ts file recorded by Sony Camcoder, with or without this option enabled is the same, and by tje way software should discover if video is i version and do deinterlacing as you don’t support i files

The performance will depend on the file type. Some formats will do better with deinterlacing than others.

Deinterlacing is only available non-HD interlaced files. Sorry.

Hmm so when you plan to support HD files ? I bought apple tv to play HD files