Deinterlacing and better metadata handling for special features

Deinterlacing - I’m sure the people at Firecore are considering this. I just wanted to reiterate that it’s a very valuable feature. The sooner we get it the better. I don’t want to have to run everything through Handbrake. Non-film sources have a lot of combing in their images.

Better handling of metadata for discs’ special features might be a bit beyond Firecore’s capability or control but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway. Several of my movie discs have multiple vids that are worth keeping and archiving. For example, I burned my copy of the Criterion Collection’s “Stagecoach” to my NAS and put the movie and its mini documentaries into a folder. Within the folder, the main feature looks good and has the right metadata and images. Most of the other things though, like the interview with Peter Bogdanovich, just have the title I assigned along with a random frame from the video as a background.

That wouldn’t be so bad but Infuse sometimes overwrites the title I’ve assigned and replaces it with the main feature title and thumbnail. With “Dr. No,” for example, I open the “Dr. No” folder and all the thumbnails look the same and have the same title so there’s no way to tell what’s what without going through and opening each one of them. The only thing that’s different when I click on them is the running time but I can’t tell what they are without actually playing them.

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