Definitive answer requested - Can Infure 5.5 Pro allow DTS-HD-MA and TrueHD to pass through to AVR?

Hi, I am new to this forum but not new to infuse. Have been using infuse 4 on Apple TV.

While I don’t like the fact that I have to pay again for Infuse 5 and also tied to a subscription platform, I am happy to pay IF infuse 5.5 Pro allows DTS-HD-MA and TrueHD to passthrough to the AVR.

I have googled and read some of the threads in this forum but I think many of the threads are related to infuse 4 rather than v5.

Could anyone please confirm if Infuse 5.5 support DTS-HD-MA and TrueHD? The subscription page on Infuse 5 says this is supported but I am not sure what exactly is the definition of “support” in this context.

Appreciate help.


There’s a page that discusses the audio options of both Infuse and Apple TV here

It says what is passed from the ATV based on what is selected in both Infuse’s options and ATV’s options.

Also here is the page from Apple on the ATV4’s audio output options.

It appears that you’re going to get LPCM out for the best quality audio.

That may help answer your questions.

Thanks for that. Does it mean that the TrueHD codecs decoded by Infuse Pro and sent to the AVR as Uncompressed PCM (lossless) is deemed “the same quality” as TrueHD codecs being bitstreamed to the AVR and let the AVR decode itself? When I mean “the same quality” I literally really mean Uncompressed PCM = TrueHD decoded by AVR.

Is my understanding correct?

Correct. Uncompressed LPCM sent from Infuse is the same as TrueHD decoded by your receiver.

The only difference will be the indicator on your receiver, as it will say PCM (or Multi-channel) instead of TrueHD.

Thanks for the confirmation. This is now very clear.

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