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I would like to boost audio 200% on all media


Hey guys,

First-time poster and recent convert to your amazing software. It’s so good on AppleTV 4k.

I have just one (hopefully easy) request: can we please have a default volume boost setting that applies to all movies? I generally find half of my movies need at least a 150% boost and it’d be fantastic if I didn’t have to go in and set volume boost individually after the movie’s started.

Thanks in advance!


After buying a couple of HomePods for my TV, I find myself using the volume boost constantly. I’d love for this to be a default setting for all media in Infuse.

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Yeah, I’m pretty surprised this hasn’t been requested more often @thejesusfish. I check every new update to see if this has been added, to no avail.

Well, it’s just me and you who are looking for it. :slight_smile: If more folks want it, I imagine they will prioritize it higher. It’s not a zero-effort feature, I’m afraid.

I’d love this to be implemented as well. In my case, I use Infuse to see the video lectures for my classes and each lecture is a folder with around 20 - 30 videos of 2-3 minutes each, so it’s very annoying to have to change the volume boost setting for each. Thank you team!

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I’d like to see this too. I’ve recently started playing back ALL of my content using Infuse (recording via Plex or Channels) and the playback volume is maybe HALF as loud with Infuse. I have to turn the volume on my Homepods nearly all the way up unless I change the volume boost, and even then it’s noticeably quieter). I can imagine that if I wanted to play back a concert or something that I want really loud, I wouldn’t even be able to USE Infuse.

Being an old fart who dont hear so well i just LOVE the boost volume feature.
Could you please make a default setting for this, so I dont have to set this for each time playing a movie

Add this feature, please.

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I just wanted to make the dev team aware that Infuse is the perfect tvOS video player app, however I need to manually go through and set audio boost to 400% on every video so that I can actually use it with my BT headphone.

To be honest a setting allowing default audio boost, ideally to pass 400% (it’s the users job to make sure it won’t go too loud to get their ears damaged) would solve the entire issue.

Also, BT audio is NOT an Infuse problem, but ATV/tvOS issue I have vetted. Thanks team Firecore!

I have found that every single movie I watch, I constantly use the volume boost option so it would be nice to have an option in the settings to set a volume boost for all movies by default.

Today’s 7.5.7 update adds a global setting for volume boost which is available in Infuse > Settings > Audio.

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THANK you so much :pray:
Highly appreciated

Huzzah! Less important these days as I’m using a proper sound system with amp and speakers, but definitely a win for bluetooth and airplay speaker users. Thanks guys.

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