Default Video Setting for a Playlist -- Playback Issues

Video Settings for OS Infuse

JAMES THE aspect ratio and crop functions are confusing. It does not appear that you can adjust the default aspect ratio, but by reading posts from you JAMES, I realize that you can use your zoom function to change the aspect ratio. Rather than a complete zoom and fill, when you zoom it will go that aspect setting. Let me repeat. There is no way of changing the aspect ratio on an iPad of the default. You can only adjust the zoom.

The big problem is that there is no universal video setting for multiple videos. JAMES I use playlists with dozens of files. I literally had to go in and change the setting for EACH video. There is no default setting for multiple videos.

Playback Issues

JAMES, you must have got this question many, many times, but I could not find an answer anywhere. There is is not setting for a quick skip to the next video in a playlist. This feature is used on every other video player software I have used. How do you advance to the next video? The only solution I have now is hit the fast forward button a dozen times till the video ends and advances.

Using a playlist with multiple videos, Infuse automatically will resume where the file left off. How do you reset the playlists so they all start out at the beginning. This feature too is an essential staple of video playback software.

JAMES. I know you are the GUY. The only way I know to reach you is through this blog.

Please help…