Default Subtitle (not using embeded/local)

I have a mp4 file downloaded to my phone. It had embeded subtitles, it also has an external srt file, yet infuse still uses the subtitle downloaded from OpenSubtitles.
I would have thought it would default to the local/embeded subtitles first.

This is sort of expected right now, as Infuse will always prefer external subtitles over embedded ones. Additionally, Infuse will prefer OpenSubtitles subtitles over other external subtitles since they include a tagged language, versus an unknown language for manually added external subtitles.

We have a few ideas for providing more flexibility in what is selected, and we expect these changes to be available in a future update.

I would see Open Subtitles as the fall back when there are no other subtitles available. I appreciate you might not use the embeded one if no Language is specifid, but I would think that if you go to the trouble of providing an external file, then that is the one you want to use regardless. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you have planned but it would be maybe nice to have it select-able:
e.g. Subtitle Default Source: Best Match (how it currently works) / Embeded / External File / Open Subtitles

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