Default audio track

I bought the inapp for infuse 2 and use my nas to share. I have a lot of music videos, converted with handbrake to handle also DolbyDigital 5.1. When streaming from my IPAD 3 via airplay to my atv3 I have to switch the audio settings for each music title when starting it to get dolby digital (first track is stereo, second is ac3). Is there a way, to set by standard to switch to ac3 when streaming to atv3.
Next question. On my synology nas I have music, photos and videos, with different shares. I only connected the video share, but all shares of the nas visible on my ipad.How can I avoid this, I only want to see things (vide) which can be handled by infuse.


One thing you may try is setting your Apple TV’s Dolby Digital setting to On instead of Auto.

Also, to limit which folders are visible in Infuse you can setup a customized share. More info on doing this can be found in the guide below.