Deeper explanation about Metadata and Cover Art required

I was reading the support document “Metadata and Cover Art”.

It misses some info:

  1. Cover Art and XML can be manually added with two files with the same name of the movies. What about the Fanart?

  2. In case of using the automatic scraping feature of Mediaplayer, where do Cover Art, Fanart and XML files get saved? 


So… no explanation? It seems that Mediaplayer keeps searching the Internet for metadata instead of retrieving it locally…

I’m also interested in this question about the cover art and fan art. Can Anybody answer these questions?

I cannot get any of my local movie cover art to show up. Some of my local tv show cover art shows up but because it is full dvd covers it cuts most of it off.

All my folder art is named folder.jpg

Is there a size limit to the folder art?

Can media player auto size it to fit?



I found out that there is some size. I’m not sure what exactly, but with the 1000 width should be ok;)

Most of mine is 3240x2175

I dont really want to resize all my cover art.

Hopefully they will add an option for this in a future update.

If they can do that it will be the perfect product