Deep Link Support Available?

I’ve been talking with a great third party Trakt iOS App developer about being able to launch TV show episodes from his app. Neither of us knew if Infuse had deep link support to make a feature like this possible.
Does anyone know if this is something that’s currently possible?

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+1 for this request

+1 for this feature as well - it would support creating Siri shortcuts

Movies on iOS do show up in spotlight search. Maybe that can be leveraged?

Recently I’ve found an AppleTV app called “TvOS deeplinks”, which let you use deep linking on AppleTv, whatever deep link you want to execute you just send it to the app. I’ve tried it briefly and it has a huge potential.

I even tried with “infuse://“ and it opens it, so if there was a deep linking feature standard within infuse we could automate a lot of stuff.

For example create a shortcut and tell Siri something like “Siri play on infuse next episode of Cheers” and it will generate a link something like infuse://series/Cheers/nextepisode being “series” and “nextepisode” reserved words from the deep linking feature. It would be awesome.

Also if this won’t make it to wishlist it could be nice to understand how the existing deep linking features work like when we open a specific serie or episode from the top shelf menu on ATV