Debug "Network Error" on editing metadata > search


I’m a recent Infuse Pro user in India, on Apple TV 4k.

I installed Infuse, connected it to my NAS over AFP and had the movies auto-categorized. Some movies weren’t going in, so after trying a bunch of things I [foolishly] decided to delete metadata and try again.

However, after that (2 days ago) none of the movies will auto-categorize (they’re stuck in ‘Others’). On trying to edit and do a search I immediately hit a ‘Network Error’. The services look up. It turned out the DNS names for was filtered by my ISP but with some work on dnsmasq on my router I got it working.

How do I begin to debug the network failure?

First, you may want to change from AFP to SMB since AFP is being deprecated by Apple. On macOS Sierra going forward will not have the ability to serve AFP shares.

The other thing is you might want to use Googles DNS servers instead of your providers since many have found them to solve numerous international problems.