DB1S4 - Jolting playback for some MKV videos


On March 29th I contacted you by mail for a problem with the playback of some mkv videos.
Before the March update everything was working and since March some of my mkv files are jolting. I sent the file to you and contacted you twice but the bug isn’t fixed.

I wanted to know if there is any hope to get this bug fixed?

My request number is: #93222

I’m having the same issues, and have gone through the same process as you and have now heard nothing back. I have recently discovered that my troublesome MKV files play better on v4! That may help you.



All the same the mkv that don’t work on V5 are working on V4

James!! Are you reading this?

We’re looking into a few reported cases, and have a few samples here which exhibit this issue.

We hope to have a fix soon.

Great thanks James for the answer! I’m waiting for this fix to finish watching a TV Show :slight_smile:

The bug is not fully fixed I submit a new ticket here is the ticket number #97180. Any feedback?

Received your new sample. We’ll take a look.