Database metadata for a specific show is incorrect

So this has been an ongoing issue, and I believe it’s the result of some confusion because this particular show, Archer, did something out of the ordinary… but the metadata for this season in the database is very obviously wrong.

I don’t know where ATV Flash pulls it’s metadata from, so forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this issue.

The TV Show, Archer (the series that begun in 2009 on FX, not the 1975 NBC show) finished up it’s second season in spring of 2011. In september of 2011, it came back for a 3 episode mini-teaser thing, which was actually the beginning of season 3. Season 3 is now back on it’s regular schedule, starting with episode 4 on the 19th of January 2012.

Ever since those 3 episodes have aired, the database never pulled any metadata for them. They are labeled as “Archer S03E01”, “Archer S03E02”, and “Archer S03E03” respectively. I simply assumed maybe there wasn’t any metadata in the database yet, and that it would probably be fixed once the show came back around for it’s normal season. However that’s not what has happened…

Now that Archer is back on the air and just had it’s 4th episode of season 3, the metadata database for Archer is identifying “Archer S03E01” as that 4th episode that aired last week on the 19th (The Man From Jupiter). When in reality, “Archer S03E01” should be identifying as an episode back in september (Heart of Archness Part 1). Likewise, “Archer S03E02” is identify as the 5th episode that airs next week.

I have already tested to make sure that the database doesn’t simply have these 3 episodes tacked onto the end of Season 2… it doesn’t. It seems they have ignored these episodes altogether, even though IMDB and Wikipedia both put them as episodes 1,2,3 of Season 3.

Again, like I said… I don’t know where ATV Flash pulls it’s metadata from, so I figured I would just post about this here… if there are forums for the actual database, let me know and I’ll post this over there.

We’re using the for TV Show metadata, and with regard to Archer ( it seems the 3 special episodes are included in Season 2, though they are also listed in a separate specials category.

I’ll have to double-check to see if MP currently supports special episodes like these, and if so how they should be named.

Thanks for looking into that for me James! While I question them putting those episodes in season 2… As long as I get all the right metadata is all that matters!