Das Boot TV Show 1985


Unfortunately thetvdb has deleted the TV-Show Das Boot (1985).
At tmdb the Show is listed:

How can i bring this TV-Show back to Infuse 6 ?

You can always join thetvdb and try to get it back since it’s user supported data.

You can also use some local data explained here Metadata 101 – Firecore

Joining is not the problem ! The Problem is that the Series from 1985 is deleted and a new entry was also deleted :frowning: look at this:
Can i tell Infuse on another way about this TV-Show ? e.g. from tmdb or give the data direkt to Infuse ?

Thank you for bringing this Das Boot TV (1985) mini-series up again.

I posted about this more than a month ago and was given the brush off, saying it’s TheTVDB’s problem. Well, yes and no. Das Boot (1985) had been listed on TheTVDB for a long time, until the 2018 German TV series “Das Boot” came along. Then someone over there deleted the old listing. I actually added it again and it only lasted two weeks before being wiped.

TheTVDB is the source of the problem and they AREN’T going to fix it.

The Movie Database (TMDb) has it listed here, but Infuse insists on scraping Das Boot ONLY from TheTVDB so there’s your problem.

That is not good, what can we do ? Can Infuse the TMDB use for movie collection or can I Infuse telling direkt like a movie with xlm or so ? Better was Infuse use not one source only in that direction like kodi we can setting up what source we will use.

Infuse does not currently utilize TMDb for TV show data, but it’s an option we’ll likely be looking into for a future update.

Thanks, a selection would be great !