Darwiin Remote/ Bluetooth Dongle on ATV

Okay so I found a Apple TV for $10 at a garage sale because some one didn't understand that you can restore Apple products to make them work again (their loss). I have a jailbroken Apple TV 2 so naturally I hacked the ATV1 it and loaded tons of awesome apps. I decided to go furthur and install OSX on it and boot it from a USB HDD. I'm thinking it would be easier to run Sixtyforce on OSX and play Mario Kart etc. from it. Does anyone know if I could buy a USB hub to connect both the USB HDD and a Bluetooth USB Dongle to use Darwiin remote for a Wiimote? Can I even use a USB Dongle with the Apple TV 1? Would it be esier to just disconnect the HDD boot in the Jailbroke Apple TV OS and install some emulators via SSH connection and Cyber Duck? (If I boot in ATV OS it would leave my USB port open to allow a USB dongle to plug in and I wouldn't have to worry about the USB hub, though if I got a cool hub from ThinkGeek I would have Vader sitting on top of my Apple TV.) I know I have alot of questions. I consider myself a novice at this and have mostly been working strictly from forums and guides (thanks to all you guys my computer skills have gone up about 100%). Steve Jobs did say this is nothing but a hobby.



Before anyone answers this I know that I can use the USB dongle with ATV OS, but I have no idea how to load it with the USB slot preocupied by the external HDD. I don't even think sixtyforce will run (but I am looking into cracking this thing open to upgrade the ram). Also is there an easier way to get the USB dongle to work?  

Yeah I cracked open my ATV and that ram upgrade is not going to happen.

You can connect a USB hub to use multiple devices, however bluetooth devices are not supported on the 1st gen AppleTV. Sorry.