Dark Screen Mode


If this has already been posted, my apologies in advance. In any case, using latest version of Apple TV (4) TVoS. When I set the screen to dark in Infuse, it overrides not only the view within Infuse but also throughout the Apple TV system. Not sure if this was the intent, but it took me a while to determine why my Apple TV was running in dark/night mode throughout all its apps, regardless of the Apple tv setting in “general settings”.

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

Hmm, we’re not seeing anything like that here. Can you describe which areas you are seeing ‘darkened’ with the Apple TV > Settings > General > Appearance set to Light?

James, thanks for the reply. So the setting for the Apple TV will be set to light. As an example, I will then go into the settings for infuse and change it to dark (within the Infuse menu/settings). The change is then extended to at least the main Apple TV screen, Apple settings screen, and iTunes app, instead of being limited to only the Infuse app. If I go back to the Apple TV settings and change it to dark, then the screen becomes darker. Switching the AppleTV setting back to light, makes the screen lighter, but still within dark (a subset of dark if you will). Going back to the Infuse and changing the setting to light, brings everything back to normal. Weird.

Thanks for the info. We’ll see if can track down any clues.

Future versions of Infuse will rely on the Apple TV’s Light/Dark setting (instead of having our own option), so it’s likely this won’t be much of an issue going forward.

ok dokey. sounds good.