Dark scenes in HDR files are more grainy compared to native players

Hi James,

you locked my post (Tone matching for 4K HDR not completly correct).
I think the reason is you understand my issue wrong.

I am not ! looking for any HDR->SDR stuff or vice versa. SDR isn’t interesting.

What I meant is:

A HDR file played as HDR on my 4k HDR TV over infuse is more grainy in dark scenes compared to native player, e.g. Plex using.

I am using 11.2 beta with both switches on and your 5.6.2.

Sorry, your original post made it seem like it was the same issue.

This may be related to the issue we are looking into which was originally posted here.

FWIW, tone mapping only comes into play when displaying HDR (rec.2020) content on an non-HDR screen.

ok, then I should say that playing a movie, always using Kingsman for testing is way more colored (overboots of red) than with the native one.

Any ideas why?

I thought tone mapping is responsible for

Are there any specific titles you are seeing this on?

Streaming via Plex isn’t really going to be a great comparison, as AFAIK Plex currently transcodes all 4K content which usually means a loss of quality and textures. Infuse does no such transcoding, and videos are played in their full native quality.

Plex is capable of playing HEVC and HDR direct now if the file is set correct :slight_smile: but it has streaming problems .-((

my test scenario is always the 20th century start on their movies, so you can use a lot off Ovids to test these