Dark Mode

I would be nice to have dark mode on the forums to make it easier for late night browsing :slight_smile: Set up to use iOS 13 setting? I’ve started to notice a few sites do it already: Macrumors, 9to5Mac.


1:12am here. I approve.

Dark mode is now live!

Let us know if you see any weirdness.

Any chance of a simple toggle link at the bottom of the page for those stuck with older versions of the OS like High Sierra? Would be nice just to be able to select dark mode for the forum.

It seems to have found the dark mode now on at least one machine running Mojave. :wink:

Looks great. Thanks!

Maybe the quoted text background could be one shade darker or text one shade lighter?

Also looks like support section isn’t covered yet:

Will look at options for this.



I think it’s fine. Is the quoted text color the same as Date/Time of post and signature? Looks like they could be the same (not able to check exactly right now).

Another thing I noticed was that the “You are watching this post…“ green could be a little brighter to complement the orange. A little muted now.

it was “a shock” seeing it dark, but awesome! ??

I think I found some weirdness. This is the login page on my iPad

Edit: I added the iPhone version as well

is there a way to disable dark mode?

Fixed. :slight_smile:

This will be an option soon.

I’m sitting in a dark den and my eyes were prepared for the encroachment of light. This is such a pleasant surprise.

Dark mode is now live on the support section as well.


At the bottom of the page, “Return to Top” is a little dark

Fixed. Thanks!

Hey James–just noticed that <pre> tags aren’t styled for dark mode. Have a look here:

Fixed. :slight_smile:

hi james is the option to turn off dark mode available yet?

Yes! :wink:

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