Dark box overlay during 4k HDR playback

Hi there, brand new user. Coming for the 4k HDR support. Trialing infuse 5 pro currently.

I’m getting a darkened rectangle appearing overlaying any 4k HDR files I play. I’ve attached photo examples.

I will note if I rest my thumb on the touchpad, showing the position bar on the bottom, while that bar is up, the darkened rectangle disappears. As well you can see the colors completely change (for the better).

So I’m guessing either I missed some setting as a newbie, or there’s some issue I’m missing.

Let me know if there’s anything else ya need.

Audio is DTS-HD MA 7.1 in each case. Sound works great.

This is a known issue with TvOS the recent TVos Beta 11.3.1 (I believe that’s the right one). It should be fixed in the upcoming Infuse release.

Hi, thanks, I finally found that thread about the 11.3 beta. That’s what I get for going beta lol.

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