Damm Boxee....Please Help!


I’ve been trying to get Boxee to get work after installing ATVFlash for several days with no luck. Every time I launch Boxee, it says:

Error: Cannot lanuch XMBC/Boxee from path:


What I have discovered is that when I SSH into the ATV under the /Applications folder there is no symlink for Boxee but there is one for XMBC. Also I can confirm that I have infact downloaded Boxee on to the system since I see it in the /frontrow/Applications folder. Strangly enough in the Movie folder I have a symlink for Boxee which I thought was weird. I am new to all this so would really appreciate any help I can get.

You need to download Boxee from the menu. aTV flash doesn’t automatically install Boxee for you, only sets up the locations. Go to the Boxee menu and then click on downloads. Click on either the Alpha or Beta version, I prefer the Beta. After it installs then go back and click Boxee and it will work.

Also, I just ran in to a problem where I originally installed the Beta, then tried out the Alpha, and finally back to the Beta. I now get the same message you are getting. I’m sure a factory reset followed by another aTV Flash install will fix the problem.

Just found another issue that might be causing you problems. You need to install the ‘Smart Installer’ via the NitoTv menu prior to Boxee install. At least that is what I had to do when I did the fresh install.

Good luck


Hey Scott

I realize atv flash doesn’t download boxee on its own so I downloaded it from the boxee menu. So is a factory reset and reinstall the only fix for this?

You may try restarting the AppleTV (disconnecting power) and re-running the Boxee installer.