DAE use a mac mini / studio 2018 or later with a non apple display? If so does Infuse play Dolby Vision / HDR files correctly for you?

Maybe I am doing it wrong. On Windows 10 MPC-BE with madVR would pass HDR/DV meta data through to the display. So you would leave HDR OFF on Windows and a video file that was Dolby Vision or HDR started playing, the tv/display would change to HDR and or Dolby Vision mode

On mac OS I have tried all possible combinations available. mac OS HDR off HDR on 30hz 60hz

Here is what Media Info says about some of the MKV files I’ve tried



For me there isn’t any indication Infuse is rendering the video in DV. The displays Dolby Vision mode is never triggered and nothing within the Infuse video window provides any additional insight.

Please advise.

I think that Mac OS does not support de DV profile 8.
So the display should fall back to HDR.
You have to have the DV profile 5 in order to play in DV.

I get the same results playing profile 5 files found here Dolby Vision streams | Dolby Developer