cyprus atv2

help my aunt has just gone back to cyrpus where she lives but before she went she boought a atv2 jail broken with atv flash and it has xbmc and navi-x it was working perfect here in the uk but now she has got it home to cyprus is is coming up erroe script failed on everything can anyone help out


Well first things first. Does she have access to the internet? Where did she buy the Apple TV from? Do the plugins need updating? What plugins is she trying that are throwing errors?

Sounds like internet connection, make sure no one has turned on the Proxy server in the XBMX System Settings/Network/Internet Access

thanks guys yer she has the internet and its every thing she tries to open comes up with an script error

Telling us everything has a script error isn’t really giving us enough information. Which plugins in particular? Is the Apple TV connected through WiFi or Wired. If it is WiFi is it properly setup and connected.

Also make sure under Settings > General > Network that a valid IP address is received.

Telling us it is broken and errors doesn’t give us enough to go on.

Just remember you may get internet in the main Apple menu
But in XBMC if you have a setting wrong you won’t get access.

Since you have verified your XBMC setting are correct and you can access
The internet through XBMC give the exact details of the script error or post the XBMC log.

Also have a look at the weather in XBMC and see if the Temperature
For today is correct.