Cydia servers down?

Today i’m unable to save my blobs and seasonpass quits unexpectedly ----- Would this mean there is a problem with cydia?

Certainly seems that way.

I am having a same problem/ I have tryed with  2 Apple tv’s  and seasonpass can’t save blobs and it close unexpectedly.

One of them is allready  jailbroken and ifaith cant even recover blobs from cydia when i tryed with windows laptop. 

i also saved blobs with ifaith then trayed jailbreaking with seasonpass, seasonpass cant recognise the atv blobs…

I think cydia servers are down…

Yep lets hope theres a fix soon!

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:414:]]today I was trying to jailbreak my apple tv2 with seas0npass and I got the message




Definately a cydia server problem…Can anyone shed any light on this?

got the same error this morning.

I confirm is working for me now! I sucsesfully jailbreked 2 apple tv’s now with seasonpass  and saved firmware easy… seems like cydia servers are back on running…


thanks for the update . will give it a shot when i get home