Cydia server is down?

I’m trying to jailbreak an ATV2 with latest version 0.9.5 of Seas0nPass but it crapped out during IPSW creation since it could not fetch signatures from Cydia server. Has anybody seen this issue? I tried iFaith to fetch the blobs and also ran into the same issue. Cydia server seems to be down at the moment (9pm PST on 1/9). So I can’t jailbreak my ATV2 :(

Are you trying to jailbreak using the 5.3 firmware? If so then the SHSH Blobs are assigned from Apple, not Cydia. The only time you would use Cydia servers is when Apple has stopped signing a jailbreakable version and/or you wish to go back to an older firmware, with the blobs saved of course.

If you’re having problem JB 5.3 it’s likely nothing to do with Cydia. I’ve jailbroken 3 devices so far and only one gave me problems. It was a already jailbroken device on 5.1.1 but it was jailbroken using the iFaith method, not seasonpass. Anyway, the problem was solved after I did a complete factory restore using iTunes and then by seasonpass. Perhaps you should try the same.

Thanks for your reply. But I believe Seas0nPass does fetch our ATV’s blobs to Cydia server so they are stored on there since I saw a message on the Seas0nPass application window. Somebody from Firecore team can confirm but it works now and I no longer encounter that same issue last night.