Cydia / iFaith Servers Down?

I'm trying to Jailbreak my apple tv 2 but I keep getting the error that it cannot establish a connection to the Cydia / iFaith servers.

I've checked my network config and windows firewall is disabled.... Am I doing something wrong?

hi mate no there down for me too.

I have tried ih8sn0w web site thats down to so i have tweeted him,

i guess there working on the servers right now

hopefully not to long,

u can still save 6.1.4 blob with faith which i recommend,


Yeah iFaith worked fine. I was able to save my blobs but I can't actually Jailbreak my ATV at the moment as the servers are having issues I assume.

yes thats right pal,

im sure they will be up soon enough dont worry try in a few hours or tomorrow morning