Cydia/iFaith server is down?

I'm getting the following error,


Seas0nPass checks saved signatures detects device then says "Seas0nPass is unable to establish a connection with Cydia/iFaith servers.Please check your internet connection and firewall settings."


Please help.

I am experiencing the same issue. 

season pass always gave you an option to check or not, so with the new release hopefully apple hasn't stop signing because it will be a while before another untethered version comes around

Same problem here. Jail broke one Apple TV 2 a few days ago with no problems. Trying another Apple TV 2 today and I'm now getting this same error. Anyone got a resolution?

same issue here.


Looks like its still down. If I have some saved shsh, am I able to download an ipsw somewhere and have seas0npass use that or does seas0npass need to grab it from the ifaith server?

It's not the ipsw that is the problem.  It's the signature file that it needs to download from iAcqua.

If you have an ATV2 running vanilla 5.3 you can use iFaith to dump the blob locally but you have no tool to stitch that blob to the IPSW. iFaith won't even make a vanilla signed IPSW.  Sn0wbreeze won't do it.

Anybody know a tool that will, do spill the beans.

it's now working up and running again

Confirmed. Working for me as well today.

down again? :(

It’s nothing to do with Firecore, mate. It’s iAcqua.

Some people are very quick to criticise stuff they don’t understand, and get for nothing.

Master200669 is destined to go a long way in life with an attitude like that.

Cydia/iFaith servers do appear to be down.

Seems to be up again, touch wood.

I'd like to see the pic, Rog.... ;)

Still up.

Cydia server is at address If you ever wonder if it's down just type that into your address bar and see if it comes up.


I use website to check any website to see if it's down when I'm having troubles.

That's useful, thanks.  I'll bookmark it.

same proble here HELP

same proble here HELP

I don't think that today's problem was with the Cydia server/ iAcqua but with the Apple servers.  The response time from the Apple servers was longer than the latency allwoed for in the iTunes software thus preventing restoring successfully.  It was very much hit amd miss.