Cydia & iAcqua down all morning.....

Unable to use Seas0npass in UK today as both Cydia Servers and iAcqua seem to be down… Or at least that is what Seas0npass says…

So, you can’t build a patched firmware file using SP because it can’t download the signature for 6.1.4 and the fact that there is no update beyond 1.5.9 for iFaith (which also says iAcqua is down) and 2.9.14 for Sn0w (which won’t download 5.3 or work with blobs above 5.2 makes this a pretty pickle.

Any tips, on a postcard please…



I got the same problem in the morning (Pacific Time), but this afternoon everything is up and running, 

Thanks very much.

I'll have to go to work tomorrow then.


its now back online