Cyberduck uploads are unbelievable SLOW = cybersnail

all of a sudden my upload speed has dropped to like a snails crawl ( 120 hrs ) 


i’ve been playing around with trying to get my external HD back on track and finally succeeded but know cyberduck is cybersnail


any ideas what i should check or do?

Are you connecting via ethernet or wifi?

Can you confirm you are using FTP and not SFTP?

tks for the reply


i’m using WIFI as i always have with no prior problems

and i’m using the ( FTP ) file transfer protocol

but now for some reason i’m only getting upload speeds of 2.5 - 3.8 KB sec.?

it seems it started after i lost my external HD? i went into every section and reinstalled everything  as will as turning on this and that program and now the HD is finally back online

BUT for some reason my cybersnail is super slow?

Can you try connecting using an ethernet cable just to see if things improve?

i’ll have to buy one thats heck of long so i’ll start hunting for one and give it a try


let you know as soon as i give it a try

Well you could just try moving the AppleTV close to the router for a short time just for testing.

It wouldn’t need to be connected to the TV for this test.