Cyberduck and external USB drive

I was forced to do a factory reset of my Apple TV and had been using an external hard drive attached to my Apple TV. I performed the install and aTV and did a Smart Install update and rebooted my apple tv. I connect to my apple tv through Cyberduck but do not see any link to my attached USB hard drive in the Movie folder.

Any suggestions appreciated.

I forgot to add that I do have the USB plugged in when rebooting apple tv and I do not see any link in my movies folder through Cyberduck

me too :frowning:

Does the drive appear in the nitoTV > Files menu?

Not all types of drives will be recognized if connected prior to powering on the Apple TV. Try unplugging the drive, and reconnecting it.

Same here!! Actually, I see a folder called MOVIES when connecting via FTP or SFTP with Cyberduck, but no alias to my external USB hard drive like I used to see in previous versions. I can use Sapphire and it will see the movies and play all of the movies fine including ones that I drop on the MOVIES folder of Cyberduck. But all the movies I see in the MOVIES folder now are just the ones I transferred after updating to 3.5.1. Also, I notice that in iTunes it shows my 500Gb drive as the capacity for the Apple TV, but it only shows used amount based on what iTunes syncs itself (like music or movies I drop into iTunes first. I’m running 3.5.1 now. Will the update to 3.5.2 fix this?

I just did a full Apple TV Factory Restore, updated it to v2.3.1, installed ATV Flash 3.5.2 (latest), backed up and reinitialized my external USB drive. Now everything works like it used to before 3.5.1. I get an alias to my USB drive in Cyberduck and I can see all movie files that I’ve put there whether it was dropping them in through FTP or just copying them from my laptop to my USB drive.

Well i have the same problems, after i had to reset my atv, my usb hdd does not appear in cyberduck… Maby i should try to update my atv

How to Access External USB HDD in Cyberduck

1: Open CyberDuck
2: Create New Bookmark with the following information

Nickname: ATV USB HDD (or whatever nickname you want)
Protocall: SFTP (CHoose this from drop down menu)
Server: appletv.local
Port: 22
username: frontrow
Path: /mnt/Scratch
Encoding: default
Do not check “Use PUblic Key Authentication”
Download Folder: Choose a folder to download to, just choose “downloads” or something (this option is if you want to copy files off your HDD and onto your mac, so choose anything)

then the bookmark should be saved and you should be able to open it up and access your atv at /mnt/scratch.
Your external usb hard drive will be under “Volumes”.

HOpe this works

yeah!!! it worked awesome
so now i can rename files
upload into that external drive

the ftp link to the internal drive is not working, sure that a restart will do the trick???

Just power off your HDD and power it on after.

Then restart ATV

It should work…

Worked for me!!! Finally! Thanks a lot!