Customizing Main menu

I am making a guess, but I take it you can’t really customize the main menu on the aTV2 on the 5.0.x versions can you? I saw in some videos of 4.4.4 of some cool things, but can’t seem to find a way to change mine. I don’t have blobs because it came with the 5.0.x.  

Shrekfx81 I was wondering the samething as I saw the videos that allow you to change the wallpaper on the main menu utilizing mainmenuslideshow thru NitoTV but unfortunately I did not see it now that I have the latest version of the ios 5.0.2. My question is the same as Shrekfx81 is there a way to cutomize the main menu for Apple TV 2G on ios 5.0.2? Thanks.

No answers? Makes me sad…

Currently there are no main menu customization options for Apple TVs running 5.0 or later.