Customize home screen lists

I have just uograded from infure 4 pro to infuse 5 pro.

One thing I cannot stand is that my tv shows and movies are shown in different categories like “recent added” “not seen” and “all” (I have it in Italian, my translation might be inaccurate.

I would like to have just all the movies and all the tv shows shown toghether without having to svroll down to navigate the categories. In principle Imwould like to have the category “all” and nothing more.

Is it possible? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.


Not yet, but we’re working to make these lists on the home screen customizable…so you can pick and choose what is shown there.

it woud also be good to have the delete function in the “categories” section as it was in the previous Infuse 4 Pro. it would be ore convenient since now you have to go to the complete list to delete one episode of a show.


You could add the “all” movies and tv sections as favorites to the home screen, and then hide the library. I have mine setup with just that and unwatched for each, so I never see the other categories.