Customize behavior with Plex Watchlist and multiple versions

I hope this is the right place! If not, please link to the existing topic.

My problem is that if I add a series to the watchlist and have two versions, one 4K and one HD, then it always displays the 4K version in the watchlist although I go up to the HD version and add it to the watchlist there. The thing is that I often only have one season from the 4K version, but from the HD version several seasons to current. Therefore, I can only watch old episodes when I go over the watchlist. With Plex itself, it is correctly added in HD and I put a series about Plex on my watchlist, then Infuse always shows me the highest quality. Even if I change in the settings that it should not play the highest quality (I thought it might be because of that) it unfortunately doesn’t help.

Could you please fix that?