Customizable keyboard shortcuts for iOS, and PiP improvements

Some of the current default hotkeys on iPadOS are virtually impossible to activate with one hand, specifically the ones that require holding two modifiers (CMD + CTRL) and a third key frequently residing on the right side of the keyboard.

I personally feel that most of these defaults should drop the Control modifier, as most iPad keyboards (including Apple’s Magic Keyboard) don’t have a right hand Control key.

The most frustrating example is the hotkey to enable PiP mode (⌃⌘ P). The default should really be just ⌘+P, but even CMD+Option+P would be preferable since that would still allow single-handed activation.

Customizing shortcuts has been available on MacOS for a while, so it would be nice if this feature were brought over to iOS as well.

Of course for me, this would be a lot less frustrating if PiP auto-activated upon switching apps or going to the home screen as is the behavior of almost all other video players, but I know that’s a suggestion that has been asked for a couple years now and hasn’t arrived, so I’m hoping this suggestion might be more straightforward to implement?

On the PiP UI front, I’m hopeful that if the auto-activation feature does arrive, that it will also include some other improvements to bring Infuse’s PiP more inline with Apple’s native implementation, such as Jump Forwards/Backwards overlay buttons, PiP Subtitles, Continuous Playback support, and having a proper video progress indicator bar on the bottom of the PiP