Customizable Home Screen favourites

It seems this was added in the new update? I cannot find details on how to use it. It’s really not clear at all…

Any advice?

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Yes, some kinda update on guidance would be useful as I can’t figure out how to use this feature.

Simply browse to a category, tap the 3 dots, and select add to favorites. :slight_smile:

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Nice one, thanks ?

Ok. What is supposed to happen then? By “Home Screen” do you mean Library, because adding a favourite doesn’t appear to do anything?
I went to Browse/By Genre/Action, then selected “Add To Favourites”. But nothing new appeared on the Library screen.

Right - these will be displayed as lists on the Library home screen as shown here.

Can you check at the bottom of the Settings menu to ensure you are running the latest 5.6.7 version?

James, is there any way to add individual films to the home screen? I have a feeling that is what is confusing people (and probably what they think should be happening).

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Not right now, but one thing we have on our wishlist is a sort of Watchlist feature - where you can add a handful of files and those would appear in the Up Next List (or a separate list) on the home screen.

Ah. I see my confusion. I tried to just add the “Action” genre. But that doesn’t work. You can only add “By Genre” which then shows all the genres.

Specific genres should work as well.

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