Customizable collections

For customizable collections, please make sure a season or even an entire TV series can be included as one item, instead of individual episodes littering over the collection.

This goes well with normal playlists too, and in Picks of the day section.


And it’s very important to give us the possibility to show CustomCollections only and hide the Online-Collections!

Otherwise we have double Collections because it’s not possible to add Items to existing TmDB-Collections, so we have to create a new Custom-Collection! But the online Collection persists, and is then double… This missed the point of the Custom-Collections…


I’m not home yet, but as far as I remember there is already an option to turn collections on/off.
I think the best solution would be to turn this off, but still be able to make CustomCollections.
Or maybe three settings, like:

  • Disable Collections
  • ShowTmDB Collections
  • Show CustomCollections

However I’m really looking forward to the next update.


Yes, three options is the best Solution for this! :wink::+1:

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Hi guys,

Infuse has a great feature that automatically put related movies into collections.
It would be cool, if the same would work for TV show/series.
For example related shows like

The Power Universe from Starz
The (new) Star Wars shows
MCU shows

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This information comes TMDb. I don’t believe that they do collections for tv shows. But you will be able to put together your own collections of tv shows once infuse 7.4 is released.


Yeah, if TMdb etc. won‘t support that, it would be cool if you can make your own collections in shows with 7.4.

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Welp… TMDb “gods”/ megalomaniacs have deemed the collection of Thomas & Friends movies as unworthy of having a collection…so now I’ve got like 12 of these stupid things cluttering up my movie list and they’re not all grouped together where my son can easily find them. PLEASE get this released this month as promised!

It looks like custom collections are close but this sounds like a “Playlist” would fit the need pretty well with only a dozen movies all of the same characters. Any reason to not use a playlist for this to get you through?

A playlist will group them all together, but when I view the movie list they’d still all be scattered throughout the movies alphabetically, wouldn’t they? In a collection, it all showed up as one item and then going in there would display the list of movies in release order.

Correct. Custom collections are coming very soon and this should fit the bill

Let’s hope custom collections will work same as what Plex is doing with smart collections. Will current smart collections created in Plex show up on Infuse 7.4 and can these be pinned on the home screen? Any information about?

Patience :wink: I just keep remembering the old commercial line, “We’ll sell no wine before it’s time…”

Should be soon. Personally, I’d rather wait a few extra days and have the most bugs squashed than rush and have to wait for fixes.

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It’s more excitement ;). Let’s hope 7.4 will be released soon.


Today’s 7.4 update adds support for customizable collections.

These can contain movies, TV shows, or any combination of the two. :slight_smile:

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How to create customisable collections in v7.4? Any guide available? Will this update fetch already created smart collections forTV Shows to infuse?


Creating collections and adding items is done just like playlists.

Long-press on a video poster and select the Collections option.

Select an existing collection, or create a new one.

Thanks but I do not see this option. Only to add a playlist. I see all my movies created smart collections from Plex, but not the ones for TV shows?

Also when I select multiple titles in Library, the collection option is visible but not able to select (faded).

I am using an Ipad.

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Creating and managing collections from Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin is not currently available, but is planned.

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