Customizable collections

Is it possible to allow the user to create their own collections?

When viewing in library mode collections seem to be made automatically but not when viewed in files mode


I manage my movies and series with TinyMediaManager. It can manage collections, too and produce Kodi-compatible nfo´s.
Infuse recognize these but ignore the collections. I just get collections with I enable “get Metadata” Collections in collections in embedded Metatags will be ignored.

Any chance to get this. What about Series and kodi nfo´s.


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I was wondering if it would be possible to have the ability to edit the Collections that are made. In some cases we may need or want to add\remove a movie to\from an existing collection. I don’t believe we can do this currently and I think it would be great if we could. I have a few movies (just one example is that I would like to add rogue one to my star wars collection). Thank you for any consideration you can give to this.

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I’d like to suggest similar feature but not as editing existing collection, because that is the info from themoviedb. I hope team would add the ability to manually create a collection that only appears in a certain tab such as “my favorites”.

For example, iron man and cpt america are separate collections but I want to put all marvel movies into one, and be able to arrange them by release date so people can watch them in order, same goes for middle earth universe.

I really think this is an easy feature to add as it doest not mess with anything existing.


Hey :wink:
James said, the possibility to create own collections will be implemented but there is currently no ETA…
He said after the Infuse 7 Launch this will be probably worked on :wink::+1:

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Yes, this is in an interesting idea we hope to look into for a future update. :slight_smile:


I would love to be able to create my own collections. I have been using Plex, Ember, Kodi and I find Infuse to be the best player on ATV4K. Sound and picture quality is beautiful. However I would like to group together certain movies into my own Collections. I was disappointed that this option is not available in Infuse :frowning:
So I hope this will be a future feature (hopefully a very near future) :slight_smile:

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Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t realise :slight_smile:


+1 for non-plex shares

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Hey James :wink:
Any News on this Feature?


I used to use XBMC and then Kodi for my collections simply because it included support for playlist files like (m3u) VLC… ie Had a collections folder on my network and the playlist files were named appropriately (Harry Potter Collection, Alien Collection) etc. Could it be easier for you guys to implement that support and we could add our own ‘Collections’ folder on the NAS?

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This pops in my head a lot and I wish we had a solution by now. I would really like to see Infuse have its own customisable collections.

I would even be happy with some type of NFO file within each Collection folder to dictate the details, which Infuse could pick up. I know that may not suit all, but we have to consider that without a PC/server/NAS end software to compliment Infuse, then we need to work with the setup being Infuse side.

Unless of course @james is working on a PC/server/NAS side solution to work alongside Infuse, to help with tags, collections, metadata…


add the ability to use collection info from local .nfo files and also use poster and fanart from folders in the collection.


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James, when this is finally planned? :wink:

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I think this will never come… :frowning:

File it along with multiple users…

@james any feedback on this please?

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I have several list on my home screen. For example a List called Genre Action. All items are currently displayed in chronicle order.

Is there a possibility to define as a user the kind of sort order, for example Latest release Descend.

For sure I can hit the See More button in the list and which brings me to the next screen were I am able to reorder the content but I would like to see this in Lists on home screens as well.


According to the “Upcoming Features” (see here), customizable collections will be added in the near future.