Customizable collections

James, when this is finally planned? :wink:

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I think this will never come… :frowning:

File it along with multiple users…

@james any feedback on this please?

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I have several list on my home screen. For example a List called Genre Action. All items are currently displayed in chronicle order.

Is there a possibility to define as a user the kind of sort order, for example Latest release Descend.

For sure I can hit the See More button in the list and which brings me to the next screen were I am able to reorder the content but I would like to see this in Lists on home screens as well.


According to the “Upcoming Features” (see here), customizable collections will be added in the near future.

And if you look at the top of this thread you’ll see it’s tagged as “planned” too. :wink:

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Yeah, I know, but now we have a rough time schedule.

I have a fair few Collections in Plex. It would be good to just use these on main screen with a Menu Item to view them

The Shorts Category is out now, but now I have a clutter of Short Movies in this category. I have plenty of Pixar Shorts, Tom & Jerry, Wallace & Grommit, Pink Panter, and many more. They are all sorted by movie title.

Without the custom collections, this is only half the battle.

And one more thing: as I have to transfer all those shorts from tv shows to short movies, they where autoamtically recognized as new movies and appears in the “last added” section, and are all marked as unwatched.

Another suggestion for the collections (tvOS):
It would be wonderful if we could scroll through the movies in the collection with a swipe left or right. Instead of having to swipe down to the bottom to select the next movie in the collection :wink::+1:

@james excellent to see this added to next up 7.3.5… Do you have a view on whats coming in?

Assuming Plex Collections would be awesome and ability to disable built-in Infuse collections :slight_smile:

I personally would like to see these three ways of this being supported:

  1. Add items manually via the GUI, the same way you build playlists. Ability to reorder, etc.
  2. A file of some sort (xml?) with list of collections and movies that can be read in automatically. Acts as a backup as well.
  3. Designate all items in a folder to be a collection. This could be done in conjunction with #1 but it allows a quick way to add all items to the collection and then reordering could be done manually.

Also, I dont know that I would want this to overwrite existing collections if a movie is in more than one collection. For instance I would like to see my custom MCU collection and the Iron Man collection.

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I just hope that it isn’t just available for Plex, Emby, Jellyfin users.

Throw us Infuse purists a bone? :bone: :smile:


Plex, Emby, Jellyfin collections are already supported, so the main focus here is for non-media server users to have additional collections alongside those provide by TMDB.


Great, finally :tada::wink::+1:

James what do you think about this Idea:

It would be wonderful if we could scroll through the movies in the collection with a swipe left or right. Instead of having to swipe down to the bottom to select the next movie in the collection :wink::+1:

Though not a true custom collections feature, Infuse pulls genres from local .nfo files, if present. I added the “M.C.U.” genre to all my Marvel movies’ local .nfo files (which I generated in Kodi from TMDB scrapes).

So from TMDB I get collections (Iron Man, Thor, Avengers, etc.) and to view all Marvel movies I chose the M.C.U. genre.

Since (unlike TMDB’s Collections policy) single titles can be assigned multiple genres, this doesn’t force you to remove the title from the “Action”, “Adventure”, or “Science-Fiction” genres in exchange.

It’s a crummy compromise, since I can’t custom set the sort order for a specific genre (nor for any pinned row on the Home Screen) … and this is really a view you’d want sorted by release date, while in general I prefer things sorted by title.

But this is what I’ve got so far.

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I currently am using a playlist since that will let me set the order.


I like this idea. On one hand I want to wait to see what James has up his sleeve. On the other hand I’m preparing myself for disappointment so I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing a couple of your nfo files so o can see exactly how you are doing it?

The biggest one for me is having MCU in chronological order. I’ve managed to do this but it makes my library go wonky so I’m open to other ways.

I’m also wondering if Infuse makes use of the ‘sorttitle’ files used in nfo files and if not is this something that could be put to use.