Customizable collections

Let’s hope custom collections will work same as what Plex is doing with smart collections. Will current smart collections created in Plex show up on Infuse 7.4 and can these be pinned on the home screen? Any information about?

Patience :wink: I just keep remembering the old commercial line, “We’ll sell no wine before it’s time…”

Should be soon. Personally, I’d rather wait a few extra days and have the most bugs squashed than rush and have to wait for fixes.

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It’s more excitement ;). Let’s hope 7.4 will be released soon.


Today’s 7.4 update adds support for customizable collections.

These can contain movies, TV shows, or any combination of the two. :slight_smile:

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How to create customisable collections in v7.4? Any guide available? Will this update fetch already created smart collections forTV Shows to infuse?


Creating collections and adding items is done just like playlists.

Long-press on a video poster and select the Collections option.

Select an existing collection, or create a new one.

Thanks but I do not see this option. Only to add a playlist. I see all my movies created smart collections from Plex, but not the ones for TV shows?

Also when I select multiple titles in Library, the collection option is visible but not able to select (faded).

I am using an Ipad.

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Creating and managing collections from Plex, Emby, and Jellyfin is not currently available, but is planned.

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Ok, really looked forward to this update but no usefull to me so have to switch to Plex app in that case.

Would be good to add this to the introduction of this feature that this is not applicable to Emby, Jellyfin and Plex users


Cool! Now can someone please tell me how to utilize the iCloud feature so I don’t have to do this separately on each of my devices?

Are Infuse’s in-app created Custom Collections synced between multiple devices on same iCloud Account through iCloud Sync?

If I create a collection on my Living Room Apple TV, will that Collection be accessible on my Bedroom Apple TV?

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I also have to stick with Plex. Not only for the collections, but also for the multiple users setting. Hopefully this will be looked at “one day”

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Yes, collections sync over iCloud like playlists do

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I haven’t been able to figure out how to delete an empty collection. It doesn’t show up in the list of collections but only if I try to add an item to a collection.

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Really like the 7.4 Update so far.
One question though regarding the collections. It seems to me like sorting within a collection is only possible manually by selecting and switching a single item.
An option to sort according to various filters (like release date) within a collection would be nice.
Currently, no matter in which order i select single items for a collection, Infuse places those items in a seemingly chaotic order.

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Great update! Really excited about this one. Now that we have customizable collections, i’d just like to ask what Is the main difference between Collections and Playlists now?


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I would’ve loved that this information was disclosed on the feature release notes. I was almost sure that I had something faulty on my side.

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