Customised artwork disappeared after recent update


I’ve been using Infuse for about a year or so, and I’ve made a few customised folder pics, buttons and so on. It’s been working like a charm. But after recent updates it has all disappeared. I can’t make it work. It’s the same on both iPad and ATV4.

When i’m trying to choose the grafik for my library favourites - where I can pick the specifik folder for my artwork file - Infuse can’t find any of my picture files, despite the fact, that it’s located in that folder.

I haven’t changed anything, but suddenly it stops working.

Favorite artwork is cached in iCloud, and we’ve seen a few cases where this artwork may disappear for a brief moment while iCloud is updating.

The cure for this is usually just to close and re-open Infuse.

I guess this is not the case; I’ve been closing infuse numerous times and restarting the ATV a couple of times to. It’s been lasting a couple of weeks now, so it seems pretty steady.

Any other suggestions James? This is getting pretty frustrating…

I found a solution myself: through my iPhone I entered iCloud and deleted the files connected to Infuse (in iCloud you can see some programs, thats got stored information in iCloud, those files should be deleted). This resulted in re-setup of Infuse on my ATV, and then it was working.

  • So James, here’s the solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

This normally shouldn’t be required, but glad you are back on track. :slight_smile: