Customisable gesture controls

Really the only thing missing for me in the app.

Don’t think it would be too hard to implement either given that the core of it is there. Would just need a place to allow the user to switch them around a bit.

Would be particularly useful to allow the user to decide which gesture controlled pause/play, and what actions the swipe up, down, left, right gestures did.


Definitely agree with this. It’s especially a problem as the swipe gestures are inverted and aren’t the standard “natural scroll” direction for iOS. I realize some people don’t care for this but all the more reason to allow users to customize. This is the only thing holding me back from buying a lifetime pass.

James this good:

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Please let’s customize the tap gestures. For example, I don’t want to consistently change the aspect ratio it’d be more practical to assign the double tap for play/pause or something else.

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Also want to chime in that I would love it if the gestures could be swapped. I never change the aspect ratio/zoom in to crop what I’m watching. I do use play/pause a lot tho and it would be better if I could just use one hand with the double tap instead of a two finger tap.

The gesture system should be updated to be fully customizable.

I hardly ever change the brightness but every day I modify the playback speed and I would like to be able to do it by sliding on the left side.

The pinch gesture to change the zoom would also be nice.


I love the left/right swipe gestures. They are so useful, but both the brightness and volume gestures are so annoying. I always accidentally engage them.

I’d like to see better gestures controls, so I can disable the brightness and volume gestures, but keep the left/right gestures

In other video apps, one-finger double-click gesture is usually used to control playback or pause. This situation makes me feel confused. This makes me often use the wrong gesture when I want to pause playback.
In the case of using the mouse, you can’t use the two-finger click gesture. It will be more reasonable to change it to single-finger double-click to control playback or pause.

Please add customizable gestures. Always frustrated when I accidentally change the brightness. I would very much like to disable it or change the gesture to something meaningful to me.


The only reason I still use nPlayer is the missing ability in infuse to control playback speed with a single gesture. Please address this.