Custom Watched database request

Hi. I do like Infuse Pro; however, after getting second ATV I found out, that iCloud sync actually is not what I imagined, since it don’t sync actual file viewing status with iCloud (it seems Trakt is needed, and while I don’t have nothing much against Tract, it is useless with my custom files).

So I was wondering about a feature request to optionally have local database (that can be actual xml file sitting in the same folder as video files, or something else, that is stored locally on the same HDD as local video files), that can store what is watched and what is not. Since all my files come from my local NAS I don’t have any much issue to keep extra file with view progress. I already have image files there for each folder so I got nice icons in Infuse. And my setup don’t require even Internet connection to work.

On a side note, for some random reason I got all my watch history wiped once recently when I was starting next file, so having it in actual file would help with such messes also.


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This is something we’re considering for a future update, but in the meantime you can show your support for this by voting for the thread found in the suggestions section. :slight_smile:

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