Custom TV episode artwork?

“File Cover Art: To display your own image for a particular file place an image with the same name alongside the media file.”

This method described in the support database does not work for me. I have placed PNG files with the same file name as the video files in the same folder, updated my Library, but the custom artwork still does not show up.

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi :slight_smile:

This currently don’t work… :-/
All Artwork for TV-Shows is downloaded from

But I have already forwarded this to FireCore (James).
And hopefully this gets implemented in Infuse soon! This is really necessary!!!
So we get the possibility to select Custom Artwork for TV-Shows (episode Image, Season-Cover, Main TVShow-Cover, Fanart etc.)

Great! That would be a fantastic addition, I was looking forward to putting all the right artwork in place for my Library.