Custom TV Cover Art Skipped if "Specials" Folder

It appears that there is a bug where if a TV series has a “Specials” folder then Infuse will skip any custom TV series poster and revert to TMDB sourced one.

FYI: This does not happen if you have an empty “Specials” folder and only effects the Series poster (not any individual seasons).

Is anyone else having this bug? Anyway to get around this while keeping the “Specials” folder?

How do you have your specials folder named? It should be “Season 00”

The poster pic file needs to be named in a specific way and location specified here.

Also note that the Series Poster is available only while using Library.


Ahh - Thank you!

I had the folders named “Specials” but changing them to “Season 0” fixed it right up :slight_smile:


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